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Montblanc International will prepare your merchandise no matter if it's going by air,sea,ups,fed-ex or any other means of transportation.

We provide all the necesary packaging for export.

We palletize, Shrink wrap, steel strap, and box your cargo for a secure journey to your destination.


We can:

  • Deliver your merchandise to local forwarders
  • Load a container at our state of the art warehouse
  • ship by UPS, Fed-Ex
  • Trucking company


If you have any other request please make sure you ask your salesperson.





Payment Details

 Montblanc Int’l gives you various choices to pay for your order.

You can request a wire transfer form with one of our associates, pay with a major credit card or send us a company check.

We can also ship by UPS C.O.D.

Please contact 305-264-0421 for wire transfer form

Note: you must have a valid account with Montblanc in order to receive this form.